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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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we don't lose our work force. we don't lose the people that make san francisco so special. we keep everybody here and that allow us to recover our economy, and everything because it's so interdependent. >> so that is a difficult goal but i think we can achieve it over the long time so thank you very much for hosting us and hosting this great exhibit, and thank you very much for joining @p
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item number 9 was an additional appropriation of money to study, on the brt. and so, the project, and we again, were unanimous and of the dollars, 2009 million of that is still outstanding and in other words, they don't have any kind of a commitment for that yet and we understand that it is the early days in the project and it is a couple of years away and even at that, we think that there is something that they are watching and additionally we have an informational item that included an up date on the cal train electricification and the
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program that they will use and the new vehicles that the cal train is looking to buy and there are three stations where the high speed rail and cal train will share platform and we are sort of and the san francisco and if they have, different requirements or the platform, heights, then that will be an operational front of the one extent or another, so we encourage you, to monitor the situation, and insure that the two agencies and the high speed rail and the joint powers board work together as closely as possible to avoid any difficulties down the road. >> okay. >> thank you so much, mr. larkin. and i see no questions, and let's open this up for public comment, is there anyone from the public that would like to speak. >> seeing none, the public comment is closed. thank you. >> and could you please call
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the consent calendar, items 3 and 4. >> 3 and 4. comprise the consent calendar and they consider them routine, and they are present if desires and if anybody objects they may be removed. and accepted. >> thank you. >> i see no comments from the colleagues, let's open p up to the public comment. could we approve these without objection? >> thank you. >> the roll call >> breed? >> aye. >> campos? >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> commissioner mar? >> aye. >> commissioner yee. >> aye. >> thank you. the item passes. >> thank you. >> and next item mr. stamos. >> item five, recommend the appointment of the two members of the advisory committee and this is an action item. >> i see that we have mike from the staff and we district ten and a district nine seat that
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we are considering by way of background on this item, the transportation authority has a 11 member committee and, each member serves a two-year term, the mans and programs committee recommends and the board appoints the individuals the fill the vacancies. but we do maintain an up to date list of people who have applied for appointment, the current list is the attachment number two and the detailed materials for each can be found in the enclosure and one, shows the information from the current committee members and the employment, and the applicants must be san francisco residents and must appear before the committee at once, speaking to the qualifications and we have two vacancy and these result from the expiration from the term expirations of davis and wadling and he is seeking reappoint sxment here to speak to you, there are 12 applicants that you can consider for these vacancy and we would like to
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thank davis for the services on the cac and he has been a member since 2009 and a chair since 2010. >> and with that i can take any questions. >> questions, colleagues? >> thank you so much, and i believe that we have one public comment, crig wall? >> sorry, if i may, excuse me. so, for the district nine, appointment, as the applications that we are considering at this point? >> yes. >> katherine orland from district nine and santiago. >> thank you. that was my understanding but there are two individuals that are seeking appointment to that seat. >> thank you. >> so before it comes forward let's have any of the applicants that are here to come forward to make a
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statement. >> good morning, my name is chris, and i am the district ten representative on the cac, and i just wanted to speak to you, with a couple of things that i have been doing over the last couple of years and as in the last, year, on the vice chair and early on in the term, i was, and i organized a community meeting to get us in for the community members of the projects that were happening in our neighborhoods and i brought together a lot of agencies dpw and cal trains and train, and mta and i really feel like this is an important part of my job, as communicating to the community and what things are going on and so i continue that and i maintain a blog at which i often will talk about the transportation issues, and i use other various means like next door and the groups in the communities to talk to people about the different things going on in the community to try to engage and find out what
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is going on and what the people are talking about and so i am going to bring that back to the cac and it really helps to inform me as to what or how i should be thinking about these things. i also so the communication is a big issue for me and so i talked to a lot of the times and the cac meetings and i will bring up the communication between the agencies and the public and try to make sure that the agencies are engaging the public in a complete kind of way, and talking about the whole projects and taking a look at how things are effecting the whole neighborhood, and transportation set up in our city. and my own personal passion is bicycling and so i take cycling and pedestrian issues quite seriously, and i understand that they are part of the whole and so i look at them in conjunction with the vehicle and transit. >> thank you.
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>> next speaker? >> my name is santiago and i am a seven year resident of district nine and i live above the bart station and i do not own a car and my transportation is bart and muni and bicycling and i want to be a part of this committee because i thought the three priorities that i want to see move forward and we are going to be a part of and first is the safety. and we know that here in the city is quite dangerous often sometimes for the pedestrians and for the cyclists and so as a cyclist and as a pedestrian i really want to be a part of how we can bring forth the solutions to make the city safe more efficient for walking and i want to be a part of the new
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innovative strategies that are coming forth in the transportation planning and making sure that the new ideas and the new things infrastructure that we are building, will be there for the community and be accountable the community. and that leads me to my third priority, which is equal access. and as what -- i am very close to the community and that i live in and i know that often times there are cultural components to the way that people are using public transportation and the way that policies effect certain members of the community and so i want to be there as a representative to make sure that there is equal access for all to transportation. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker? >> good morning, i'm howard and i am asking for the seat, and i
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have been sitting and it makes the city mature to looking at the plans, to the initial thinking for the extension of the central subway, and they not only, included going to the fisherman's wharf which they think that it is a no brainer and let's think about going out to serve the neighborhoods and when they did that, they started to combine the land use with the transportation, and i think that is a tremendous maturity and a growth in the city and i want to be part of that, and so that whenever you do a transportation project, it has real impact on where the people live and what the people choose to live and here we are as a city, that is expecting to have the population grow over a period of time, maybe 50 percent, how are we going to do that and we can't do it just looking at transportation, we have to look at transportation and land use to think about and to think ultimately when we start to get to the billion
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dollars or so to have it significantly, and maybe we should more widely and this is the level to maybe start doing it, too many times it will look and they will just go narrowly and you always find that you are too late, if i can get on this committee, maybe i can be early enough to help, thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> are there any other speakers? gilbert chris well? >> and any other speakers from the public as well? >> public comment, mr. chairman, that is fine, put the card in, i don't know any of the applicants, but i think that the gentleman that has been on the cac, that writes the blog about transportation issues, in the city, should be able --. >> and mr. wadling. >> i don't know him personally, but i understand that the blog, and i think that the latin o
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guy from district nine should be appointed and he sounded like a good candidate. and i just wanted the reason that i wanted to do the public comment was to get the attention of this cac, and members, and the commissioners regarding this central subway, expansion, to the north beach and the pier 39 and i think that with the passage of aand b, from this last election, that we concentrate on that and we go to the future expansion to the muni system. thank you. >> thank you, any other public comment? >> mr. larkin? regarding the larkin to be reappointed to the cac. >> he is okay.
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public comment is closed. commissioner campos? >> thank you, mr. chairman and i did want to thank all of the members of the public who have applied to be on the city committee. and also, those who have provided public comment. and this is the very important role, actually, because the transportation authority over sees not only the transportation policy, but also a lot of investment in the transportation for the city and so having a voice, from the various communities is really important and i am very grateful to glen davis who represented district nine for quite a few years. for the excellent service that he has provided including recently, serving as the chair of the cac, and so for me, it is a very important appointment, and with respect
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to district nine, i know that there is a lot of work to be done, in the area of transportation, and in district nine. and i am very proud to today to make a motion, to nominate santiag lerm a to the cac, i think that he will be an excellent addition to this body. and he lives the transportation and he has a great deal of connection to the community and he is going to know what is happening in the neighborhoods what is needed. and he is going to understand as he noted, that there are cultural differences sometimes, and in how we approach the transportation and that cultural sensitivity needs to be included in whatever we do. and so i am very proud to motion to approve and recommend
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santiago as the cac representative for district nine. >> thank you, commissioner campos. >> i have a note to the supervisor cohen is in strong support of reappointing chris to the transportation authority, cac as well and as others mentioned his tremendous work in transportation, policy and in his current service on the cac. and so --. >> commissioner campos, so i will amend my motion to include chris wadling to be reappointed as the district nine representative and i know that we heard from the other speakers, who i believe is resident of district seven and i don't think that is before us today. i think that he will do a great job on that committee as well and so my motion is to santiago as the representative, and to reappoint chris wadling as the district ten representative. >> we have a motion and a second. >> could we have a roll call on that?
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>> and chris wadling and -- to the cac. >> breed. >> aye. >> campos. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye >> mar. >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> the item passes. >> thank you. >> next item? >> item 6, recommend one member to the geary corridor. >> this begins on page 25 of yor umar your packet. and so the geary rapid transit project, for the improvements along the corridor and we are in the environmental review phase and we have a dedicated citizen advisory committee and this meets to provide input and the structure is shown in the member o and the 13 members on this body, and there is
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currently one expired seat for an at large position, and we have solicited applications and through the notification process, we have received three applications from three candidates as well as the member whose seat has expired and we have encouraged all to say a few words. some have mentioned to us that they are unable to speak but wanted to be considered. >> i am seeking reappointment to the cac and i am an active
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member of the cac and i am sure that chester and other staff can tell you, almost immediately i spoke to talk about a number of concerns that i had and my neighbors had in my neighborhood. i have attended countless, community meetings that the staff have put on including in the civic center and the japan town and the sat down with the other members and the mayor and supervisor mar, and at a community leaders hearing. and i would like to be reappointed to this project that be near and dear to me as a born and raised san franciscan especially in this area and i rely on it regularly. and also, someone who has worked with use in along geary and roosevelt, with the ymca program and i have an intimate knowledge of how different modes interact, and i also work at an assisted living facility and i think that is also
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important to take into effect. my experience there, that corridor especially being so wide, where the big barrier for the seniors getting around. so, i think that all of that, input and experience that i have makes me a qualified candidate and i would love to continue being a part tf and the cac. >> thank you. so much. >> i see, jason is here, and the two other applicants that are here patrick and victor astevens if they are here, comes forward. >> good morning, supervisors and good morning, eric and i am a long time member of the richmond having lived for 20 years at the end of the 38 line myself and my wife and my children, all commute up and down on the 38 geary as well as by far, and as well as by bicycle and i am a member of the richmond organizations including the director of the planning association for the richmond and the coalition of save ocean beach, and the friends of the lands end and as such i think that i have an understanding of what the
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community is interested in regard to the efficiency and the development of the brt and personally and professionally, i am a avid follower of clean technology and i am the clean technology attorney and i also have extensive back ground in construction law, including public works and i understand that the transportation, technology very deeply and i understand the energy efficiency issues deeply and i understand the risk management and the business operations such as i believe that we can provide the useful oversight to insure that the brt process is efficiently and effectively played out for the benefit of the richmond district residents, as well as the whole of the city thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> and any other candidates? thank you. >> there is open up for public comment, is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. i see no comments from my
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colleagues, i wanted to speak in favor of parsons to continue as a member of the cac and i thank jason for his advocacy within the richmond and all of the organizations that he has been involved in, but i think that we have a stellar member of the cac parsons and not only with his awareness that bicycling for middle schoolers at roosevelt and other middle schools but also with the senior, mobile transportation and safety issues that he has been involved in, and i think that living in jordan park, and district two, gets him a special insight and given the lack of representation from district two members. and i know that we want to see that there is a diverse representation on this body. i think one of the most important things that was sense done, is really supported the more rapid theory, transit, campaign, and he is really worked with a group of over 1,000 residents, who are supportive of improving go
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geary or the geary rapid, through the future and i think that his efforts from early design to the action projects that the current projects for geary are really important for me to emphasize. the ymca works to promote biking safety for young people and family ss critical in what he has done to give the insights into the geary corridor and again we repeat that geary is the incredibly high use area, and i think that the highest used corridor west of chicago, and i think that we will hear a little bit more about that today and how important for the cac and i think that once it brings that energy and insights into the committee and so i urge them to reappoint to the cac. >> commissioner campos. >> thank you, mr. chairman, and i want to thank both applicants and i think that we will do a great job and i think that with this kind of apointment, and when you have someone who is already on the body who is doing a great job, and i think
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that reappointment makes sense, and i have been very impressed with his presentation for the past, and i know that he is very committed to these issues and i think that bridging the gaps between young people, and seniors is something that makes a great deal of sense and having that understanding can be very helpful, and so i make a motion to reappoint par son's to the cac. >> and we have a second and could we have a roll call? >> breed. >> aye. >> campos. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> item passes. >> thank you. >> next item. >> item 7 major capitol project up date, cal train early investigation. >> presentation from louis cerinato. >> good morning commissioners, i am the public management
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oversight construction authority briefly the cal train and the investment program is the signature program in the prop k plan and it has three basic components, and known as which is basically to improve the safety of the system. i am happy to report that the approval of the bonds in
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november, just recently, san francisco share of the 60 million dollars is seems secured. and it is also, knowing that i recently updated, scheduling and the budget, and appears that it is going to be something now. increase of 249 million, to 306 million dollars and right now, cal train staff, is looking at mitigation measures and analyzing those before making the recommendation to the board. and that is why we are still counting the old budget. and again here, is the current approved funding debt which will also have to be amended, once, the budget itself gets approved, and the funding sources identified. the program is under way and it is going very well, and you can
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see it by itself and it is design build and it is basically spending permission by 2015 and accept in 2016 and it is under construction already and so, it is moving quite well. and the portion of it and the environment of it is expecting the summary, and it is the big issue already. and it is to be a design build. and again, we are mentioning here that it is scheduling for 2019 but the revised scheduling and updated schedule, indicates that it might be winter and 2020, and spring of 2021. and as far as it goes, this have request for the proposal is in the spring of 2015, and the position of the compatibility and it is reached with dissipated in the spring. and later, and the index of the
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item that includes, funding, and the funds have to be used only for the procurement process, and for the rfp, and it is not going to be used for the actual purchase of the vehicles. we have the electromagnet and the special condition and that right and an inch of that working room and in the light party mlu. and on progress of the discussions and related to the compatibility. the cal train they have an agency wide role for the participation, and up until now, they have not had published specific goals but the specific goals, and it is the participation for the fiscal year of 4040 was 8 percent and cal train is not working on the different types and the public, and the
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specific goals to remedy that shortfall. and just on december fourth, the gop adopted a 5.2 percent goal for electricfication. there are two challenges as we see them right now in this project and a lot of challenges but two of them are the first one is that the projected increase is going to require the funding partners to work closely to identify with those sources with funds and to develop to secure them. and the second one is that compatibility. and as i am sure that you are all aware, and the cal train's positions on it and the electric grill cars will effect the service and the condition for a long time to come. and the cal train and has been and it has the meters to resolve the compatibility
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issues and i am happy to report that we are partially optimistic that they will be able to reach an agreement to call on the platform heights. and so as a matter of fact, yesterday, the land use committee of the board of supervisors conducted a hearing on compatibility, with respect to the participation of the djpa, cal train and the high speed rail and that concludes my presentation, any questions that you may have? >> commissioner kim? >> thank you. >> i was hoping that we could go back to the program funding by source. and you had said that san francisco contribution is 6 million dollars is that part of the member agency contribution? what is the part for the city contribution for the entire program. >> off of the top


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